on the bridge

May 26, 2012

ascending the wooden ramp
my wheels spin round and round.
clickety-clack, clack, clack
through the metal
frame and into
my bony structure.
the midnight breeze
catches my breath
tosses my hair.
on the span, water
silently slips
by, carrying the
shimmering cathedral
lights on its supple back.
i stop to stop time.
scooping up the chilly,
whispering seine,
gathering the spinning,
glimmering tip of the eiffel,
ladling the hovering, fading
expanse of the ile.
encapsulating it
in a snowglobe,
a frozen scene
to be savored,
returned to,
time and time again.
the only way i know
to cross large bodies
of deterrent water.
holding my creation close,
i shake vigorously
and looking westward
roll the ball.

descending as
wheels begin to
turn round and round
and the clickety, clack, clack, clack
returns and reverberates once
again into my bony structure.


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